Sveriges främsta mötesplats för dig inom förpackningsbranschen!

Tidningen Packmarknaden levererar det optimala seminariet för dig som har intresse av förpackningar. Under en lunch i trevligt sällskap får du lyssna på framstående experter som ger dig insikt om hur förpackningen kan göra mer för dina affärer.

PACK@lunch modereras av Per-Stefan Gersbro, grundare och f.d. vd för näringslivsklustret Packbridge, numera fristående konsult i det egna företaget Paccedo.

PACK@lunch - with Ranpak

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Solve E-Commerce Packaging and Labour Challenges with Smart Automation

E-commerce is developing fast, along with consumer expectations. Within this changing environment business owners should be aware that their packing processes have a major impact on environmental and materials costs, as well as on consumer experience.

Putting best practices into place for the packing environment requires a strategic approach. Not only are labour costs high, but it’s also getting harder to get hold of the right workforce. Another challenge comes from the importance of fitting packaging with the goods being protected to conserve materials, reduce fright rates, and mitigate environmental impact.

Delivering damage-free goods is no longer enough. Consumers now expect frustration-free packaging that is convenient to handle, open, and recycle. They will notice packaging that is too large for the object they ordered while the business will pay for extra shipping space.

Fortunately, there is a simple answer for these common e-commerce challenges—Smart Automation! In this webinar session, you will learn:

  • How a practical implementation of automation works for e-commerce.
  • What are the common challenges, and how to solve them.
  • What the solutions look like and how they impact the packing process and create ROI.

Join us 28th of October and find out!

You will meet:
Ruud van den Heiligenberg, Senior Sales Manager Europe, Ranpak Automation
Sven Reichrath, Business Director Automation, Ranpak Automation
Helena Jare, Business Developer Logistics, Meds Apotek

Time: Friday 28th of October, 11.30 – 13.00
Place: Elite Hotel Savoy, Norra Vallgatan 62, Malmö

The seminar is free of charge and lunch is included when participating on site.

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If you want to participate on site, register on the red button ”Anmälan” to the right.

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Ruud van den Heiligenberg
Senior Sales Manager Europe
Ranpak Automation
Sven Reichrath
Business Director Automation
Ranpak Automation

Datum: 28 oktober 11:30 - 13:00

Plats: Elite Savoy Hotel, Norra Vallgatan 62, Malmö

Pris: Seminariet är kostnadsfritt (the seminar is free of charge)

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